The Insect Color Database is a collaborative resource designed for scientists researching insect color, pattern, and underlying mechanisms that produce these elements. At its core, ICDB is a repository for various forms of insect color data including images, reflectance and absorbance spectra, even TEM images of structural morphology. ICDB allows for searching, viewing, downloading, and performing analyses of color data.

Browse, filter and download

  • Extensive image gallery
  • Search by color palette
  • Filter insects by data type, taxonomy, natural history, etc.
  • Bulk data download
Open data gallery

Explore color data

  • Comprehensive metadata
  • Interactive graphs
  • R-based color analysis
  • Links to existing specimen databases
View example taxon

ICDB project

Other ICDB features:

  • Full search functionality
  • Automatically generate QR code barcode labels for specimens
  • General resources including protocols for data generation, workflows, etc.

This is a new project and we'd love to answer questions and get suggestions for improvements!

Project information